Best Mac Apps You Must Have in 2017

Macs come standard with a good collection of native applications that, in some cases, are more than enough to use the computer. But that is not always the case and many people need to “vitamin” their computer with more software or more complete.

In the following lines we are going to comment on some of the best Mac Apps without which we can not live . Really useful applications that can make a big difference in our day to day. In the list we include options of all kinds, from productivity tools to software to perform maintenance tasks.

best mac apps in 2017

Are you looking for the best Mac applications? Do you need new software for OS X ? Then you have a good list to start making much more of your computer, whether portable (any range of MacBook) or desktop (iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro).

Must Have Apps for Mac without which you cannot live

1. 1Password

We can not avoid putting this application first, since it has meant a before and after in the use of our computers (and other devices). Thanks to 1Password we no longer have to remember lots of passwords and we can use a different one in each site in which we register improving our security.

This “vault” keeps all our passwords securely and makes it easier for us to identify ourselves in every web or service that we need to enter, simply with a keyboard shortcut or a couple of keystrokes in the case of the iOS version.

2. Microsoft Office

Although Apple has its own office suite, iWork, we prefer Microsoft’s choice. The company of Redmond has managed to adapt its suite very correctly to the Mac and with the latest version we have all or practically all the functions that are available in Windows.

The Microsoft suite can be purchased from the company’s own website and offers different types of licenses according to our needs.

3. CleanMyMac 3

OS X, like any other operating system, is deteriorating with use. In order to remedy this, it is necessary to maintain the equipment on a regular basis and CleanMyMac 3 helps us in an important way to this.

This application is capable of removing all temporary files and caches that OS X stores and which occupy disk space unnecessarily. In addition it also has a powerful uninstaller, thanks to which we can remove any application from our Mac without leaving unnecessary files (something that happens when deleting an app by simply dragging the icon to the trash).

In addition to this, it also includes tools that allow to optimize the database of Photos, analyze in search of large files or a cleaner that allows to eliminate any file in an irrecoverable way.

4. PDF Expert

The Preview application that includes all Macs allows us to open any PDF and perform basic actions with them, but if we usually work with these types of files we surely need to go a little further and at this point PDF Expert is one of the best options that we can find for computers with macOS. The application allows us to read and edit documents, make annotations, fill in forms, sign, highlight text, join several PDFs in one or separate and a lot etcetera of possibilities.

The design of the application is very careful and has full integration with iCloud, the Apple cloud. Thanks to this last one we can keep our PDF documents synchronized with the version for iOS, something really useful to work in mobility and always have files with which we may need to work.

5. iMazing

If we do not like iTunes and are looking for a good alternative we should not stop trying iMazing. The software is an all-in-one to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and includes features that make it really handy. Among them is the ability to take pictures of iOS devices to our Mac and vice versa, manage music, apps, contacts, notes, call logs, backups and more.

iMazing also has features that allow you to transfer data from one iOS device to another easily, so making a migration or device change becomes a really simple task. In addition, it is also capable of managing backups, so we can easily extract contents (photos, calendar appointments, contacts, etc, etc …) from any copy of an iDevice that we have stored in our computer.

6. ScreenFlow 7

ScreenFlow is a software that has been won by being in the majority of compilations of best applications or programs for Mac. It is a powerful tool for editing video and screen recording (complete or partial) with advanced functions.

Thanks to this software to create videotutorials is a game of children, editing videos and applying different types of effects is much easier and intuitive than with other options available.

ScreenFlow has recently come to version 7 and with it has released very attractive features such as: animated text effects, ability to play back video clips (from end to end), custom keyboard shortcuts … Useful features for anyone who needs to be able to edit video and that add up to the tons of options with which the software already counted.

7. Todoist

We all have tasks to do in our day to day and many times we are forgotten or we have them constantly in the head for not writing them down somewhere. Todoist is the perfect tool for this. It is a multi-platform task management application with lots of possibilities.

Thanks to it we can access our tasks from any Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows thanks to their native apps or from any other device that has a web browser.

Todoist offers a free version sufficient for many cases and a payment version with annual subscription for those who need access to the most advanced functions.

8. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is another application that will help us to be more organized and productive. Thanks to it the management of our calendar will be much more simple and comfortable. Offers synchronization with Google Calendar, Yahoo calendars or iCloud and of course version for iOS devices.

Among its features we find some as useful as the introduction of natural language quotes, a powerful search option, a well designed user interface, etc, etc …

9. Dropbox

For those of us who work in Remote Dropbox is an indispensable tool. Thanks to it we can store any type of file and keep it synchronized between several devices, in addition to being able to access them from any location. Dropbox also lets you share folders with other users, whether or not they are users of the service.

The service offers a free version with 2 GB of storage capacity (2.5 GB if you register from here ) and two payment versions with 1 TB and unlimited capacity respectively.

10. PDFPen

We already talked about PDFPen in the past and we include it in this list since it seems to us a really useful tool and a good alternative to PDF Expert that we discussed in the previous point. Thanks to this software we can edit any PDF file, something that by default is not possible in any operating system.

In addition, it allows us to fill in PDFs and then print them, add our signature, make corrections or annotations, etc, etc.

Undoubtedly a useful application on any Mac, since at any time we may need to edit a document of this type and with PDFPen is very simple.

11. Pixelmator

Photoshop is available for Mac, but if we need software of this type and we do not want or we can buy a license from the Adobe tool, Pixelmator is a very very good choice.

The photo editing software offers practically all the features of your competition and also integrates perfectly with our Macs.

Lastly, it has been updated recently and now also includes extensions for OS X, so it is possible to use the editing options directly from other apps such as Photos.

12. Final Cut Pro

Do you need to edit video professionally? Then Final Cut Pro is for you. It is the video editing tool chosen by many video professionals, from film studio staff to wedding videographers or youtubers.

The software has been rewritten from scratch recently to offer better performance and this caused some users to show their discomfort by the disappearance of some options, although since then Apple has continued to work and improving the tool.

13. Paste

An application that can help us in a very important way to be more productive. Its main function is to improve the macOS clipboard (formerly OS X) and allow us to copy and paste more than one element.

With Paste we can have a history of the elements we have copied in our team and we can access it whenever we want with a very successful interface. It ended up losing something that we had copied by making a new copy before we paste the above.

14. OptimUSB

It is possible that on occasion you have connected a USB stick to a computer with Windows and you have found an .DS_Store file or similar. These temporary files are created by OS X internally and when you extract a drive and then use it on another computer we can find them.

OptimUSB is a software developer by Diego Arraez, which allows us to avoid this kind of files. Its operation is simple, when we want to extract a unit of our equipment (a pendrive or a portable hard disk), we simply have to use the app and before disconnecting it will clean these files completely.

15. Capto

Capto is a software that has just reached the market and is causing very good sensations. Thanks to him we can record everything that happens on our screen, as well as screenshots. Once captured, we can use the tool to edit the images or make videos quickly and easily.

It offers a complete file manager, possibility to share the final results of our work, etc., etc.

16. Gemini 2

It is easy that with the passage of time we keep in our Mac duplicate files. This causes us to fill our hard drive, which is really unnecessary since we have the same file several times. Gemini 2 is thought to precisely avoid this problem.

The software is capable of scanning all the files on our hard drive or SSD and determining if any is duplicate or very similar. Once identified gives us an overview of the files and storage space that could recover, giving us the ability to remove the duplicates to recover those MB or GB so valuable, especially in the case of MacBook.

Do you know any other apps that should be on this list?

This is the end of the list of apps for Mac without which we could not live . Of course this list is quite subjective and surely you would include other different applications. Could you tell us what other utilities or tools would you put on this list?

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