Top 10 Apps You Should Have on iPhone

Do you know that a few days ago Apple published a list of the top 10 applications yous should have on your iPhone? According to the company, these are the must have apps to make the most of your iPhone. Let’s have a look at the list.

top 10 iphone apps

1 – VSCO

For Apple and many, VSCO is the best application for editing photos on your mobile. It offers a large number of presets (filters to edit the images, some free and others with cost) and different tools to change an image with great accuracy from your phone.

2 – 1Password

For Apple, 1Pasword is the best app for managing passwords. If you do not know it already, you should know that it manages all the passwords you use on your iPhone, absolutely all the keys of the profiles that you use, ie: bank accounts, social networks, emails and all that you use in different web services.

With this app you will have a master password for all the services you use, in fact, 1Password can be used on smartphones, tablets and smart clocks.

3 – Dark Sky

Dark Sky is an application that informs you about the weather but with the great advantage that it sends you notifications before a drastic change. For example, if it’s going to rain or snow (which happens a lot in the United States) , the application sends notifications warning you of changes in weather.

4 – Venmo

Venmo is one of the newest applications that currently exist, is a service for mobile payments that also allows users to make economic transfers between them.

5 – Quik (formerly Replay Video Editor)

The favorite video editor from Apple and many users, since this tool allows them to edit videos and images even though they do not have much knowledge in the matter. Mind you, this does not mean that it replaces the work of an editor but it does facilitate the creation of videos to anyone.

6 – RunKeeper

An app you surely already know if you’re a fan of running and participating in marathons. In Runkeeper you keep a record of your workouts and also serves to calculate distances and times, measure your heart rate and see progress in any training plan you have.

7 – Camera +

Camera + is an application that will help you get more out of the camera of your iPhone. As you know, the camera of the Apple computers offers quite simple options for the users; take video in slow motion, panoramic images, use the front camera to take selfies, etc …

What Camera + does is add more features to Apple’s generic application, such as adjusting exposure and focus independently, incorporating a stabilizer that helps make images as sharp as possible. In addition, it has a function that allows you to coordinate two iOS devices to take pictures at a distance, using a remote control to take all the pictures you want.

8 – Jet

Jet is a fairly new application that is gaining a place on the phones of millions of users around the world. It’s a smart shopping platform that finds ways to turn product costs into opportunities to save money. What does this mean? Jet uses different strategies to spend as little money as possible when making a purchase.

What kind of strategies? Transfer and add discounts, minimize shipping costs, etc.


MSQRD is an application for creating images and videos with fairly fun filters; take a photo, add the filter that you like and share it in social networks. If you want to join the fashion of replacing your face with something funny or adding whiskers and dog ears, this is the application you were looking for.

10 – BuzzFeed Video

Finally, Apple’s list includes a fairly new application: BuzzFeed Video. It serves to visualize all the videos generated by the company in one place.

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