Top 10 Must Have Apps for Google Chrome

The most used browser in the world is Chrome , of the technological giant Google. It has more than 750 million users in the world, according to data from the same company. According to Net Market Share, the program has 54.99% of the market worldwide.

Google is looking for Chrome to focus primarily on speed, security and ease of use, features that helped the browser to be the favorite among Internet users. But they are not the only ones; within the most attractive of the use of Chrome is the possibility of using extensions that greatly facilitate the experience on the internet.

top 10 apps for google chrome


The nature of Chrome is to be open to the constant improvement of the service, which easily achieves by offering the possibility of developing applications that work within the interface of Chrome , without altering the code of the program, ie you can have mini programs within the program.

The extensions within Chrome allow you to add functions to a browser that is very complete in itself, thereby improving performance. To add an extension, all you have to do is find the name of the extension in the Chrome browser (or click on the links in the names of the extensions) and give another click on the button to add to Chrome, which is located on the extension page in the Chrome Web store in the upper right corner.

This is a list of top 10 must have apps for Google Chrome that you can not stop using:

1. Ghostery

It is an extension that will help you to make navigation safer, since it allows to detect crawlers, web beacons, special pixels and indicators included in web pages, in order to analyze who or what follows the navigation of the user on the web.

2. Fix Plus

This tool is intended for Netflix subscribers, as it adds many features and information about the series and movies in the catalog. The extension allows users to customize this platform with 18 touch-ups that can be used individually.

3. Magic Actions for YouTube

With this extension you can enjoy the YouTube experience to the fullest. The idea of ​​consumer customization includes permanent HD, advertising blocking, volume control with the mouse wheel, among others.

4. Grammarly

This option is very useful as it will help you with spelling and grammar when writing in English.

5. Adblock Plus

This is the dream of every web surfer who wanted an ad-free navigation experience on any site they visit, including advertising on YouTube. The only problem is that there are websites that have advertising block detector, but AdBlock allows you to make exceptions or disconnect it completely for a few moments.

6. Buffer

It is an extension that helps in the management of social network accounts. It also tracks results and analyzes what the user shares.

7. Gauge

In the case of this tool users will be able to access information about the performance of the computer and the interactions it has while connected to the internet, such as where the server is physically to be visited, how long it takes upload, how good your Internet connection among others.

8. StayFocusd

This is an extension that sets internet usage limits to users, either by hours or by sites visited, allowing you to increase productivity without distractions or a good reminder that it’s time to go to sleep.

9. Chrome Remote Desktop

With this extension you can access from your smartphone or electronic tablet to the desktop of your computer.

10. LastPass

Finally, there is this option with which you can manage passwords that are used daily in all types of websites.

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