Top 7 Apps for your Android Device in 2017

Are you looking for the must have apps for Android? I think, it’s time to recommend the top 7 apps for your android devices that you should definitely try in 2017. Check out the list and have fun!

Must have apps for android 2017



Are you afraid that someone will spy on you or discover your data? With this app you will not complicate your life. In addition to protecting your messages with extreme encryption, it also protects your calls, the two main communication functions of almost everyone. Like having your own bodyguard in a super friendly messaging application.


When we have too much multimedia material and we constantly want to show it to more people we need something like Plex, an application that organizes and allows you to transmit your files on any other device, like a streaming. Yes, it sounds weird, but it’s like taking an album everywhere and sharing it with those you love most. Curious.


Do you forget your passwords? Then you need an app like this, so you can save all your keys, manage them and allow you to access your services without major problems. It’s a cost app, yes, but it’s worth it if we have more than four different keys in our day to day.


Google has apps for just about anything, even for those who love walking globetrotters. With this program you will not only have a great travel planner on hand, but all the details you need to coordinate your movements (flight data, hotel information, restaurants, routes, schedules and many more). And as it is from Google , it syncs well with everything.


So that an unexpected rain or the mugginess of the morning does not surprise you. A complete weather app, with clear and well-organized predictions, and even statistics for those who are more detailed. It has a free version and a payment version, so choose the one that suits you best.

6. 500PX

If you are looking for something more professional than Instagram, this is the social network for you. 500PX looks a lot like the photo portal but has the work of professional photographers from around the world. So here you can see true works of art, to inspire your days.


The favorite of those who love selfies. With hundreds of stickers, effects and details, your autofotos are always different and fun. And best of all, it lets you share your creations directly on your social networks. Basic for anyone.

Do you have any other recommendations? Tell us and share your smart tips…

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